In this video training, I will be walking you step by step on how to rank higher in the search engines so that you can more laser targeted traffic to your offer.

We will be doing this by getting high-quality do-follow backlinks to your blog from High Authority Websites and Blogs with High Seo Metrics, 

and im going to be showing you exactly where to go to get these backlinks

so that you can use this process every time you need to rank first in the search results.

I'm also going to be explaining about the scam link sellers on Fiverr, SEOClerk, and blackhat forums where they boost the domain authority of the website artificially.

You want to avoid these sellers because they just trying to get extra money by selling backlinks with high domain authority but its essentially just crap

So if you trying to boost your website's rankings and get on the first page of google, but you're not sure how to go about buying backlinks, 

then this video is for you.

I no longer buy from Fiverr because of the drastic drop in quality due to the artificial manipulation of the website.

Although Seo Clerk is better than Fivver, about 96 percent of the sellers here are selling junk links that deliver zero value from a Seo point of view in terms of rankings.

Black Hat World has an amazing community due to the accountability, you can't rip people off here, folks here know how to spot if something has been manipulated,

and they will get called out immediately and put on blast about it to the whole forum. So I talk about all of that in this video.


Black Hat World (Get Quality Backlinks)

Moz Link Explorer (Check DA Manipulation & Page Rankings)

Inbound Links Section (Moz Explorer)

Sem Rush (Check Search Traffic)

Seo Quake (Check No Follow Status)

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If you're like me then you're thinking, how can I get as much traffic to my product as possible without having to spend any money or bug family and friends. 

& thats the exact reason I created the Limitless Traffic Formula! With this free download you get:

Instant Access to a 43 Page Ebook (With Free Resale Rights)
Learn How to Get Hundreds of Buyer Leads to Your Offer
Learn How to Bring in High Quality Targeted Leads to Your Product Consistently

If that sounds like something you're interested in then I highly recommend this Ebook as it can save you aton of money, this is my number one suggestion for free traffic strategies.  

I will be updating it again soon, so be sure to save the google drive version so when I make revision it will update automatically for you. (*Pro Tip)

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Jonathan Coates
Jonathan Coates

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