Hey whatsup everyone, Jonathan Coates and in today's free training I'll be talking about delivering your message to your audience through a holistic, multi-pronged approach using six different resources.

I'll show you how to cover all bases and touch all the different segments of your market by delivering your message through various means such as video, audio, and written content.

The first website that I will introduce you to is System.io, a free all-in-one marketing software that offers a range of features including video conferencing, sales funnel creation, webinars, membership site creation, and even marketplaces for your own products.

In this video, I'll give you a brief overview and show you what it looks like, but I also have a full-blown tutorial video on how to use the software from point A to point B, which I will link in the description below.

The second website I recommend is WordPress, a popular platform for creating free or paid websites.

If you opt for a paid website, you must have your own hosting company and domain name attached to that hosting company.

But if you choose the free option, WordPress will provide you with a domain name.

WordPress offers a dashboard where you can create written content, embed videos, and get your message out through a newsletter.

Again, I have a complete tutorial video on how to use WordPress, which I will link in the description.

The third website that I suggest is Aweber, a popular email marketing platform that allows you to send emails to your audience and build an email list.

Aweber is great for keeping your subscribers updated on your products, services, or opportunities, even if something happens to any of the services that you have your content on.

Aweber offers a free trial for the first 30 days and I will leave a link to it in the description.

The fourth website is ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence tool that allows you to instantly generate content.

ChatGPT has endless functionalities and uses natural language dialogue to create content based on a database.

You can use the script generated by ChatGPT to create videos using Synthesia, a website that allows you to create videos using avatar artificial intelligence.

Synthesia offers a limited number of credits per month, so be sure to check their pricing page for more information.

Finally, I'll be sharing a free audio conferencing call website that you can use to create conference calls and have group meetings through audio.

This website is great for businesses and is intuitive and tailored for your needs. I left a link to this website in the tools and resources below.

By using a multi-pronged approach and utilizing these six different resources, you can deliver your message to your audience in various ways that cater to different preferences.

Whether your audience prefers video, audio, or written content, you can cover all bases and reach all segments of your market.

Check out the links in the description for more information and full tutorial videos on how to use each resource.



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