Getting 1st Page Rankings in 24 Hrs Guaranteed - Using Moz Bar & 3-Criteria Keyword Method (Part 2)


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Hey everyone, Jonathan Coates here! 

In this continuation from Part 1, I'll dive deeper into how you can secure top rankings on search engines using a combination of the Moz Bar and a powerful three-criteria keyword strategy.

Understanding the Three-Criteria Keyword Strategy

In the last video, we discussed the three main criteria that are crucial for our keyword strategy:

Domain Authority Comparison

We aim to find keywords where at least three websites have a lower domain authority than ours. The lower their domain authority compared to ours, the better. 

This indicates a higher chance of ranking well.

2. Backlink Profile Analysis

Next, we look for sites with fewer backlinks than ours, ideally little to none. This reduces competition and increases our chances of ranking higher for the chosen keyword.

3. Keyword Optimization in Titles

We seek out keywords where competing websites do not have the exact keyword phrase in their titles. This omission can significantly boost our chances of ranking above them.

Applying the Strategy with Real Examples

Let's take a practical example. Suppose we're targeting a broad keyword like "how to get your ex back". 

By using the Moz Bar, we analyze the search results to identify websites with lower domain authority and fewer backlinks than ours. 

This strategic analysis helps us pinpoint keywords that are less competitive yet still receive substantial daily searches.

Exploring Related Searches for Additional Opportunities

To expand our keyword list, we explore related searches suggested by Google. 

These variations might not have thousands of searches but still maintain consistent daily traffic. 

They're valuable because they're less competitive and easier to rank for.

 Importance of Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail variations, such as "how to get your ex boyfriend back fast by text message", are also beneficial. While they may receive fewer searches individually, collectively they can drive significant traffic and are often less competitive than broader keywords.

Ensuring Effective On-Page SEO

A crucial aspect of our strategy is optimizing on-page elements, especially the title. 

By ensuring our target keyword is included in the title, headers, and content naturally, we enhance our SEO efforts and increase our chances of ranking on the first page.

Indexing and Monitoring Results

Once our content is live, we immediately submit it to Google via Google Search Console for indexing. 

This step ensures that Google's crawlers discover our content promptly, potentially leading to faster rankings within 24 hours.

By following these steps meticulously and using the Moz Bar alongside our three-criteria keyword strategy, you can effectively increase your website's visibility and achieve first-page rankings in search engines. 


Google Search Console

Moz Bar

Download my free SEO Checklist for Businesses and Content Creators: Dominate Search Results!

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