programs I personally use that help me grow

Below is list of courses that I have personally gone through in the past and they have had a signifigant impact on both my business and my life.

 I included my Limitless Traffic Formula as a free download and video tutorial to help you get more targeted traffic everyday for free. 

You will also notice my upcoming course the Home Business Blueprint, this is a 7 - Module Personal Passion Project I have been creating and look forward to releasing it soon!

 I Hope you enjoy my recommendations!

The Limitless Traffic Formula (original)

The Home Business Blueprint
(Coming Soon)

The Home Business Blueprint is a 7 Module - Personal Passion Project I have been working on quietly since April 6th 2022. It will provide fully customizable templates for every page in the sales funnel (including the Bonus Page) - along with two chapter email follow up templates for each of the Three Evergreen Markets: Finance, Health, & Relationships.  All the members would need to do is just pick a market, pick a product, choose the templates and fill in the blanks. I also cover identifying the Perfect Prospect and Basic/Advanced Traffic Generation. 

Slated for Release: TBA

(Course is Complete as of April 28th 2023, now working on external technicalities, & proper rest & recuperation.

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The Ultimate Branding Blueprint

Since 2014, Tanya Aliza has always been my go to Mentor for branding and expanding my influence and presence online. I always feel like such a celebrity when I go through her Ultimate Branding Bluerprint course, because she sets you up in such a way where you not only look and feel like a Rockstar brand, but you have the tools set in place to convert sales. 

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Aversity Gold MasterClass

When I was ready to step my internet marketing game up to the next level after being in the industry for 7 years in 2020 - the first person I decided to turn to was Sean Bagheri. By the time I started his Gold Master Class, I was already at an advanced stage in my career, but Sean really took my business and kicked it into 3rd gear. so if you're looking for advance home-based business training. Look no further. 

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Immediate Yes Formula

Cesar Rodriguez was the first sales coach I ever followed online back in 2014, and ever since going through this program, i've been a devoted follower and have sworn by his formula. Till this day, I am raving fan of his work and believe you should be too! If you're in Sales, and are tired of getting "No's" all the time, then you'll love his Immediate Yes Formula! 

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The Evergreen Wealth Formula

James Scholes was the first person I learned in depth affiliate marketing from in 2015. His clear "hold your hand" approach was very appealing to me as a beginner. I highly recommend his Evergreen Wealth Formula course for a solid foundation and consistent income. (Just keep in mind the traffic methods are black hat) I also recommend his Youtube channel. 

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Jonathan Coates

I hope you find the above mentioned programs to be as much of a help to you as they have been to me. I can certainly say that each course has had a life changing impact on me. 

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