How to Create a 'Fillable' Consultation Application (PDF) & Use AI for Conversational Analysis


Creating fillable PDF forms can greatly streamline your consultation process, allowing clients to complete applications digitally without the hassle of printing and scanning. 

This article guides you through the steps to convert your consultation forms into interactive PDFs and enhance them with AI-powered conversational analysis.

Converting to PDF and Making It Fillable

To begin, convert your existing consultation form from various formats like Word or Rich Text files to PDF. Tools like "Online2PDF" or "Convertio" are handy for this task, ensuring your document maintains its integrity and formatting during conversion.

Creating Fillable Fields

Once you have your PDF, the next step is to make it fillable. Using platforms like "DocFly," you can easily add text fields, checkboxes, and paragraph fields. 

For instance, designate text fields for client names and checkboxes for multiple-choice questions. Ensure each section is appropriately labeled and positioned within the form.

Enhancing User Experience

The fillable PDF enhances user experience by allowing clients to directly type responses and select options digitally. 

This eliminates the need for physical paperwork and speeds up the application process significantly.

Integrating with Optimized Press

For websites using Optimized Press, integrating your fillable form is seamless. 

You can attach the form to a button, ensuring easy access for potential clients. This integration enhances user interaction and encourages prompt submissions.

Leveraging AI for Conversational Analysis

 To further optimize your consultation process, consider using AI tools like "Ask Your PDF." 

This tool enables users to interact with documents via a chatbot interface, extracting and summarizing information. It's particularly useful for navigating large documents efficiently.


In conclusion, creating fillable PDF forms and incorporating AI for conversational analysis not only modernizes your consultation process but also enhances client engagement and operational efficiency. 

By following these steps and leveraging available tools, you can streamline your workflow and deliver a more interactive experience to your clients.

This guide empowers you to leverage technology effectively in managing your consultation applications, fostering a smoother client onboarding process. 


Website for converting RTF to PDF 



Optimized Press 

Ask Your PDF

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