Hey everyone, Jonathan here, and in todays free training I want to talk to you about internet marketing math.

The first thing we need to understand is the most important metric you can learn in your online marketing business, and that's your EPC, or earnings per click.

It tells you how much money you can make every time you send a click to a website.

Now, the easiest way to calculate your EPC is to start driving some traffic yourself.

You can go buy a solo ad, drive some pay-per-click, or drive some traffic to your website and see what happens.

Let's say you send 100 clicks and you make $22 from those clicks. You can reverse engineer that and calculate your EPC, which would be $2.2 per click.

This means that every click you make, you'll earn $2.2.

Why is this important? Well, when you find affiliates to promote your product, you'll tell them your EPC.

Lets say as an affiliate, they make 50% commission, thats means they'll make around a dollar per click.

If you're going to pay a dollar per click on Facebook and you're making an average of two dollars per click, that's the game you're going to win.

& this ties right back to what I talked about in my 'Profit Center' Video.

If you put a dollar into this center, and a dollar plus comes out, you've got a winner!

So, the first metric you need to know is your EPC.

A lot of people ask "what is a good EPC?"

That's something that changes.

It depends on the channel you're using.

Your EPC for traffic sent through Facebook can be different than your EPC through email or social media.

You need to find out what the average EPC is for each channel.

For me, as an affiliate, I'm looking for something on the low end of about a dollar fifty EPC.

If it gets to about three dollar EPC, you've hit a home run.

Even if your affiliate is making three dollars, that means the overall EPC is closer to six dollars if you're paying your affiliate 50%.

Another metric you need to know is your DPL, or dollar per lead.

This is the average amount of money you make per lead, and it's important when you start looking at the backend of your business.

For example, if an affiliate sends a click, they're making $2.2 point of sale, but you want to know how much money you're making after the sale.

To calculate your DPL, you need to know your total revenue and your total number of leads.

Let's say you make $10,000 in revenue and you had 5,000 leads. Your DPL would be $2. This means that for every lead, you're making $2.

So, in conclusion, knowing your EPC and DPL is crucial to making money online.

Clickbank and CBSnooper are great resources to help you find products to promote and calculate your metrics.

Remember, the EPC and DPL will change depending on the channel you're using, so you need to find out what works best for you.

With these metrics, you can improve the performance of your business and get increased conversions off the strength of measuring.


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