Hey whats goin on everyone, Jonathan, and in today's Crash Course I walk you through the entire process of creating a Facebook ad from scratch.

Starting with the basics, I walk you through setting up your Facebook Ads Manager account.

Whether you're promoting a business, a product, or a service, this is the foundation upon which your successful ad campaigns will be built.

Throughout the training I demystify the process of selecting campaign objectives, setting budgets and schedules, and narrowing down your target audience.

From growing your audience organically to driving traffic to specific landing pages, I touch virtually everything in this video.

You'll learn the importance of using strong visuals and compelling ad copy, backed by powerful calls to action.

Whether you're running a simple image ad or a captivating video, the guide ensures you understand the intricacies of crafting engaging content.

Moreover, I don't just stop at just one-time advertising; I introduce you to the world of retargeting, maximizing the value of each ad dollar spent.

This Crash Course even offers insights into the use of tracking pixels for monitoring your campaigns' effectiveness and optimizing their outcomes.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a marketer, or someone curious about the world of online advertising,

this guide equips you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and create impactful Facebook ads.


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FB Ad 'ICTA' Formula

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If you're like me then you're thinking, how can I get as much traffic to my product as possible without having to spend any money or bug family and friends. 

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