How to Diversify Optin Data for Distribution to Multiple CRMs: Workflow Wizardry (Data Multiplicity)


Efficiently managing optin data across multiple CRM platforms can significantly enhance your lead nurturing and customer relationship efforts. 

In this training I discuss a streamlined approach to integrating optin forms with various CRMs beyond traditional autoresponders. 

This article explores the strategic use of workflows in Optimized Press to achieve seamless data distribution.

Setting Up Integrations

To begin, ensure your CRM integrations are configured within Optimized Press. Navigate to the Integrations section and connect your preferred services like AWeber, GetResponse, or HubSpot.

 Having these integrations in place is crucial for directing optin data to multiple destinations simultaneously.

Configuring Workflows

Next, utilize workflows in Optimized Press to automate data processes triggered by user interactions on your WordPress site. 

Start by creating a new workflow and selecting 'New Subscriber Added' as the trigger event from the optin form. This initiates the workflow whenever a new subscriber opts in.

Defining Actions

For each trigger, define actions that distribute optin data across selected CRM platforms. Choose 'Integration Optin' and specify the CRM service where you want the data to be sent. 

Customize by selecting the appropriate subscriber list and tags to ensure precise data segmentation and management.

Testing and Activation

After configuring workflows and actions, it's crucial to thoroughly test the setup. Input test data through your optin form and verify if the information is correctly distributed across all intended CRM platforms. 

Once tested, activate the workflows to start automating your data distribution processes effectively.

Monitoring and Optimization

Monitor the performance of your workflows regularly. Optimize them as needed to enhance efficiency and accuracy in data distribution. 

You can adjust triggers, actions, or integrations based on performance metrics and user feedback.


In conclusion, optimizing optin data distribution across multiple CRMs through workflows is a game-changer for marketers aiming to streamline operations and improve customer engagement. 

By leveraging the capabilities of Optimized Press and strategic CRM integrations, businesses can enhance their marketing automation efforts significantly.

This approach not only saves time but also ensures that valuable leads are promptly and accurately nurtured across various platforms, maximizing conversion opportunities. 

Implement these strategies today to transform your optin data management and CRM integration capabilities.

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