How to Use Jaaxy Keyword Tool & the 'Red Light Green Light Method' to Create Feeder Sites

Introduction to Jaaxy Keyword Tool and Feeder Sites

In today's competitive digital landscape, leveraging advanced tools like Jaaxy can significantly enhance your SEO strategy. 

Jaaxy stands out as a powerful keyword research tool offering 30 free searches, making it accessible even to beginners. 

This article explores how you can utilize Jaaxy alongside the 'Red Light Green Light Method' to create effective feeder sites that drive traffic to your main website.

Understanding the 'Red Light Green Light Method

Coined by Russell Brunson, the 'Red Light Green Light Method' categorizes keywords based on their potential traffic quality. 

Keywords with a "green light" indicate high traffic potential, ideal for creating dedicated websites or YouTube channels centered around those keywords. 

Conversely, "red light" keywords are more competitive and may require alternative strategies, such as purchasing traffic through banner ads or Google AdSense placements on existing sites.

Implementing Feeder Sites Strategy

Imagine your main website as the core of your online presence, such as a site dedicated to 'Modern Keto Plan'. 

Around this nucleus, you create multiple feeder sites using related keywords identified through Jaaxy. 

These feeder sites, whether standalone websites or YouTube channels, aim to attract targeted traffic back to your main site. 

Each feeder site acts as a satellite, boosting your overall domain authority and expanding your online footprint.

Executing the Strategy

To execute this strategy effectively:

- Keyword Selection: Use Jaaxy to find keywords with at least 500-750 searches per month, preferably aiming for 1000+. 

Focus on 'green light' keywords for dedicated sites and 'red light' keywords for strategic traffic purchases.

- Content Creation: Develop content around these keywords, ensuring each piece is optimized for SEO. Consider using AI tools like ChatGPT to generate and refine content over time, enhancing your site's relevance and authority.

- Building Authority: Gradually build backlinks to your feeder sites while ensuring on-page SEO best practices are followed. This process enhances each site's credibility and improves its chances of ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).


In conclusion, integrating Jaaxy into your SEO toolkit alongside the 'Red Light Green Light Method' offers a structured approach to building effective feeder sites. 

By strategically leveraging keyword research and content creation, you can drive substantial organic traffic to your main website while expanding your online presence through diverse digital channels. 

Embrace this strategy to take control of your SEO efforts and cultivate a robust online traffic network.

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