Hey whatsup everyone, so in todays free training I will be sharing with you several different ways

of going about getting .edu links which are links from academic institutions - 

...and why you should include them in your 

Search Engine Optimization Strategy when building Backlinks in order to grow your page rank...

..websites with .edu are typically official sites for universities, colleges schools and most academic institutions

 so you can understand why these links are such high quality and you can use these to build trust and value to your site in the eyes of the search engine's algorithm

& the reason why we want a high page ranking and domain authority, is because it increases our chances significantly when it comes to ranking in the SERPs for any given keyword or phrase we are talking about - making it more simple to get on the first page and beat out or competition to potential prospects  looking for said information

I'm also going to cover in this video how to properly go about doing this the correct way so you don't lose your .edu link in the future because lots of people do this the wrong way and their backlinks only last for a month or two. So be sure to look out for that as well, so that you know what to avoid.

Hope you enjoy!


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I will be updating it again soon, so be sure to save the google drive version so when I make revision it will update automatically for you. (*Pro Tip)

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Jonathan Coates
Jonathan Coates

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