How to Create a Sales Funnel w/ Checkout using Funnel Builder - Optimizepress Tutorial (Part 1)

Hey everyone, Jonathan Coates here, and today I’m excited to walk you through creating a powerful sales funnel using OptimizePress. 

This software is my go-to for all things marketing because it allows me to build everything from list-building pages to complex sales funnels and membership sites, all within WordPress.

Getting Started with OptimizePress

Once you’ve installed OptimizePress on your WordPress site, you can find it conveniently located on the left-hand side of your dashboard under 'Funnels'. Click on 'Funnel Dashboard' to begin.

Choosing Your Funnel Template

OptimizePress offers a variety of funnel templates tailored to different needs, from lead magnets to classic sales funnels and event launches. 

For this tutorial, let's focus on a lead magnet funnel.

Customizing Your Funnel

After selecting your desired template, you can customize every aspect of your funnel.

 OptimizePress templates are designed for performance and have been rigorously tested using A/B split testing to ensure effectiveness.

Examples of Implemented Funnels

I currently use OptimizePress for both my marketing and health websites. 

On my marketing site, I’ve set up a funnel with a landing page and a thank-you page. Similarly, on my health site dedicated to keto, I have another optimized funnel in place.

What’s Next?

In this video, I’ve shown you the basics of setting up a sales funnel with OptimizePress. 

Stay tuned for the next parts of this tutorial series where I’ll delve into advanced configurations and optimization tips

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Jonathan Coates

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