This is Part 2 of the series on ranking on the first page in 24 hours using a SEO Software and Keyword Strategy with No links

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In this video, i go into greater detail and pick up where I left off where we have our keyword pasted in and we are using our three criteria - keyword strategy to determine high likely keyphrases that are virtually guaranteed to get us ranked on the first page in 24 hours...

..I share with you several ways of building a high-value list of these "1st-page keyphrases" then I also show you where to go to get your newly optimized and published article indexed immediately in google, and how to notify them immediately to crawl your website with their spiders.

This wraps of this quick mini-series I hope you enjoy!


Google Search Console 

Moz Bar

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I will be updating it again soon, so be sure to save the google drive version so when I make revision it will update automatically for you. (*Pro Tip)

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Jonathan Coates
Jonathan Coates

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