How to Plan, Organize and Schedule Content as a Creator for Business (Blogging and YouTube Strategy)

Hey everyone, Jonathan Coates here. 

Today, I want to share with you a strategy I've been using to streamline my content creation process across my website, YouTube channel, and other platforms. 

It's all about efficient planning and organization, allowing me to produce content at scale without sacrificing quality.

Organizing Your Content Creation Process

First things first, I maintain a dedicated folder for all my content. 

Inside, each topic has its own subfolder containing everything I need: a thumbnail image, a notepad file with video titles, descriptions, and keywords. 

Additionally, I use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all video titles and their corresponding details.

Streamlining Content Creation

When it's time to create a new piece of content, I simply pick a topic from my folder. 

This method eliminates the need to brainstorm or research extensively, saving me hours of time.

 With predefined templates for titles, descriptions, and keywords, I can swiftly move from idea to execution.

Scheduling and Deployment Strategy

My approach involves batching content creation sessions. I'll dedicate a week to produce a bulk of videos, often around 30 to 40. 

Once edited, I schedule these videos to release at a consistent pace, typically two videos per week on YouTube. 

This systematic approach not only saves time but also ensures a steady flow of content without daily involvement.

Multi-platform Integration

Beyond YouTube, I leverage this content for other platforms like Facebook and newsletters. 

Each video gets repurposed into newsletter content or scheduled posts on social media platforms. 

This cross-platform strategy maximizes exposure and engagement with minimal additional effort.

Results and Optimization

I first implemented this strategy back in 2015 and have seen significant benefits. 

By focusing my efforts on content creation rather than administrative tasks like keyword research or scheduling, I've managed to boost both productivity and content quality. 

It's a method that pays dividends in efficiency and effectiveness.

In conclusion, while this approach requires upfront effort, the long-term benefits are undeniable. It frees up time for strategic tasks and marketing efforts, ultimately enhancing the overall impact of my content.

If you're looking to scale your content creation process efficiently, I highly recommend adopting a structured approach like this.

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