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I have a few different ways that we can connect...

As most folk, I do use social media, but I don't answer messages on there at all. The only way to potentially* reach me is by my business email, so feel free to scroll below & follow me on the different platforms if you wish, and I placed my business email at the bottom if you have any questions or inquiries (there is no guarantee I will respond).


This is my personal Instagram account, you will notice I have in my bio the account to my official business account as well. Feel free to follow both,  but just keep in mind I don't answer messages I recieve on Instagram.


Just as with Instagram, I have my business account right up top in my bio, so feel free to follow my Business Page, but just so you're aware, I don't answer messages on there or my personal profile. 


This is my official business email and the only way to reach me. Shoot me an email and I will get back to you between 48-72 hours (there is no guarantee I will respond)

*There is no guarantee I will respond. 

Get Free Access to the Boron Letters if you havent already!

Though he has every chapter on his website and I even took the liberty to buy myself a personal copy, if you go to his website it can be a bit difficult to navigate through all of the newsletters to read each one in order.

So below is a list of each chapter compiled in order for your convenience, babblings of a great copywriter from prison? you be the judge:

Jonathan Coates

Its so great to have you on my website and blog, I hope to learn more about you, make sure to stay connected. 

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