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Click by Click Guide to Make an Extra $4,000/mo Online From Home

Here’s how thousands of average people are making money from their bedroom…

Take a moment to think about how an extra $4,000 a month will change your life? What will you buy with it? How comfortable your life will become? If you’re ready for a life-changing lesson, then stay tuned and follow the instructions!

Step 1: Set up a Website

The first step in building an online business is a website. You will need to build a website no matter what you’re planning to do.

Building a website is easy. You’ll need to buy a domain, get a hosting account and install WordPress. This is all explained in this video.Attention: You don’t need to build a website if you decide to use my done for you business method, which I’ll explain in step 5….Step 2: Find an Affiliate Product to SellOur main passive income strategy will be affiliate marketing.In case if you don’t know what’s affiliate marketing, here’s a basic definition: Affiliate marketing is the practice of finding buyers for products you don’t own and earning a commission on every product or copy bought through your special affiliate link.Now that you know what’s affiliate marketing, let’s talk about affiliate networks…

An affiliate network is where you find products to promote and sell. To find products, you can join affiliate networks such as Aversity or Clickbank.Create your account, find a product, save your affiliate link in a text file and get ready to move onto the next step…Step 3: Map Out a Sales Funnel & Build ItThis is where things get interesting! It’s time to build a sales funnel. A “funnel” is basically the process of converting a visitor or potential lead to a customer.For example, here’s a drawn map of a basic sales funnel:

Your sales funnel is going to have 3 steps: an opt-in page, a presell page and a bonus page with your affiliate link.Here are some of the tools you can use to build it: for your email marketing needs. for your page building needs (works with your website)Step 4: Drive TrafficThe final step is to drive traffic (or potential buyers) into your funnel. For this step, I would recommend getting started with Pinterest traffic.

Too Lazy or Don’t Have The Time to do these? There’s a Way!

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