As I have been pondering coming out of retirement lately I have scrubbed through old files and found some gems I thought i’de share with you, check them out:

ill update it as time goes on..this is the bare bones –


  1.  Immediate Yes Formula – Cesar L Rodriguez
  2.  Home Business Blueprint – Greg Gomez III (No longer available)
  3. Home Business Bootcamp – Sean Bagheri
  4.  Limitless Leads – Greg Gomez III (No longer available)
  5. Objection Obliteration – Greg Gomez III (No longer available)
  6.  Ultimate Branding Blueprint – Tanya Aliza
  7.  My Online Startup – Chuck Nguyen
  8.  Gold Master Class – Sean Bagheri
  9. Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 – James Scholes
  10. Reality Networker Calling & Closing Mastery – Cesar L Rodriguez
  11. Reality Networker Prospecting Mastery – Cesar L Rodriguez
  12. Same Day Commissions 2.0 – James Scholes
  13. Youtube Traffic Module – James Scholes
  14. Business Blog Mastery – Tanya Aliza
  15. Awesome Life Challenge – Entre Institute



Jonathan Coates
Jonathan Coates

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