Dokkōdō (The Way of Walking Alone)

Ghost of 🉐 “The Dojo” – Miyamoto Musashi (Legendary Samurai)

Shares His Wisdom……

its these very words that in August 20th 2018…

… the 🉐 #AffiliateMarketingSamurai decided to change the group

Limitless Traffic Mastery (Pre-Launch)…

.. to what we now know as .. …🉐 “The Dojo” :

  • Accept Everything Just The Way it Is
  • Do Not Seek Pleasure For it’s Own Sake
  • Do Not, Under ANY Circumstances Depend on a Partial Feeling
  • Think Lightly of Yourself & Deeply of the World
  • Be Detached From Desire Your Whole Life Long

  • Do Not Regret What You Have Done

  • Never Be Jealous

  • Do Not Let Yourself Be Saddened By a Separation
  • Resentment & Complaint are Appropriate Neither for Oneself nor Others
  • Do Not Let Yourself Be Guided By the Feelings of Lust or Love
  • In All Things Have No Preferences
  • Be Indifferent to Where You Live
  • Do Not Pursue The Taste of Goods Foods
  • Do Not Hold on To Possessions You No Longer Need
  • Do Not Act Following Customary Beliefs
  • Do Not Collect Weapons or Collect Weapons Beyond What is Useful
  • Do Not Fear Death
  • Do Not Seek or Posses Goods or Fiefs for Your Old Age
  • Respect The Gods Without Counting On Their Help
  • You May Abandoned Your Own Body, But You Must Preserve Your Honor
  • NEVER Stray from “The Way”