How Much ‘Text in Image’ Should you Have In Your Facebook Ad? | SBA| Episode 4


Here are some Swipe files from Facebook’s Very Own Business Manager Dashboard!

…This is some Valuable information that I just so happen to run across as the midnight oil was burning! …


& I was reviewing archives upon of archives of swipe files in my tickler cabinet of marketing materials…

…It turns out that, – Facebook actually has their OWN network consisting of SERVERS upon SERVERS of business records, split testings, experiments, case studies!

..Here, I will share with you the subtle nuances that go into creating a successful Facebook ad. in this video I cover:

– Image & text Overlay Tool

– Conversion Case Studies: High Text in Image vs Low to Medium Text in Image

– Facebook Business Manager



===Tools & Resources Mentioned in the Video===

Swipe Files from FB

Trouble Shooting Facebook Ad Peformance

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