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Hey it’s James ?

Okay, so here it is… My whiteboard video on that weird viral traffic system I accidentally stumbled across.


And I gotta say, after shooting that video for you, my traffic & income is still climbing every single day… All down to this cool little method that took like, 2 hours to implement… If that.

Also something strange happened after shooting the first video. I won’t go into detail here as the video will tell you what happened – all I’m saying is; a cool little side effect to this viral traffic method kicked in which results in opening a NEW traffic source… And this new traffic source is seems to be building momentum every day by itself which further feeds the system if you know what mean.

…But like I said, I’ll touch on that in the video ?

Oh, And Make Sure To Stick Around Till The End Because…

Now before you watch the entire video… Make sure to stick around till the end as I’m gonna do something special on Friday and I really think you’ll want in on this.

I didn’t even consider what you’ll see at the end of the video but I got that many emails from you guys, I figured it would be a BIG HELP…You’ll see what I mean anyway ?

Anyhow – here’s the video… Enjoy!

===Tools & Resources Mentioned In The Video===

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Video 1 <=Watch this first if you haven’t seen it yet

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