Science Based Advertising | Applied Business Correspondence 1922 | Herbert Watson | Fertilizer


One word: Epic!

..So this Very-Profitable Baby is a One-page letter is from 1922!…

…I found this bad boy in the archives of the Cornell University agricultural library! (google)

..So first of all, There is just so much to be talked about here, as you’re watching you’ll notice how I explain the “slippery slide” action in each paragraph that causes a reader to continue…

..The credibility boosters, the trust factors, all of the mechanics that go into a Profitable Sales Letter…

Its ALL here!


& what makes this even more amazing is the fact it cam out so long ago yet, these principqals still ring soo true today!

…Im still getting better myself so stay tuned as we grow together!!!

This is THE most valuable skill you will EVER learn.



===Tools & Resources Mentioned in the Video===

Herbert Watson’s Applied Business Correspondence (1922) 

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