How To Get More (High Quality) YouTube Views Using “Congregations” – (No Bots or Spam views)

In this video I show you how to more YouTube Views, now the best example for this would be my Drop My Link video that has over a thousand views as well as another on my Alias account.

(Disclaimer: This is one of my more Legendary Early videos from by Beginning Stages of Entrepreneurship – But by No means let that be a reason to De-Value these GOLDEN Nuggets (Collect This Now)

…the are strategies that I have learned from several successful sources when it comes to Youtube’s algorithms and bringing in traffic, as you’re watching this video ask yourself how can I apply this to what I’m doing when it comes to my YouTube Marketing efforts?…

..The best way to get traffic is to go to where its already at, in this video as well as the other youtube marketing guides on my blog as well as the video marketing videos that I have on my YouTube playlist:

….I share how to go to where these congregations of people and leverage that traffic flow to seamlessly redirect them to your Youtube Channel…

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