How To Make a Profit (Getting More ROI for Your Business)

So how is it do you make a profit anyways? …

(Disclaimer: This is one of my more Legendary Early videos from by Beginning Stages of Entrepreneurship – But by No means let that be a reason to De-Value these GOLDEN Nuggets (Collect This Now)

So first things first-

When we’re thinking about “making profit” the first thing that should come to mind (assuming we have an idea of what we are looking to make a profit off of) is how much money are we willing to put in, how much time are we willing to put in. Once we have done so then afterwards we measure.

We need to ensure that the money we get out outweighs the money and time we put in. Now this won’t happen automatically overnight with our first investment, BUT as time goes along, maintaining that we have been consistent with this mindset, we are able to more scale up each and every time we take these measures. Its all about growth.

I hope you got some great value out of this, I certainly enjoyed delivering it.

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